Square Dance Lessons
 It’s ALL About the Steps
​​Researchers found counting walking STEPS, caused people to exercise more than twice as much as those NOT counting STEPS
At any age the Dance of Square Dancing include improved physical, emotional and cognitive health, & better quality of life.

Where Ya gonna count YOUR STEPS to a Healthy you? 
ALL While having a GREAT time with Old & New Friends?
Couples, Solos, Singles, ALL are Welcome for this Dance Experience
Introductory Sessions SOON (Attend ALL or just one, Ya Gotta try IT to Understand)
Entertainment, Old/New Friends, Physical & Mental Exercise vs Watching TV?

Santa Clara, Ca.
Introductory Sessions 
Tuesday evenings ​7:00 - 8:30 PM 
Next Clas starts ​in April 2018
Resurrection Lutheran Church
2495 Cabrillo Ave.​​


Los Gatos, Ca.
Introductory Sessions 
Tuesday evenings 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Next Class Starts in April 2018
Los Gatos Saratoga
Youth Recreation Center
123 E. Main St.   Room A​​​​

Cupertino, Ca.
Introductory Sessions 
Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 8:00 PM
​Next Class Starts in April 2018
Hyde Middle School
19325 Bollinger Rd.


This is an affordable 12-15 week ADULT Square Dance Class.​​Don’t knock it until you try it. 
Class Graduates will be able to experience the FUN/Friendship/Exercise and ENTERTAINMENT of dancing
                   with one or more local Square Dance Clubs weekly. As well as visiting other clubs Worldwide.                                                                         


​​If you miss the start of these classes Let Your Heart NOT be Troubled
Classes will start again about every 15 weeks
(April 2018) (August 2018) Watch here for exact dates

More Class Info.
E-Mail: classes@3osb.com
Call:    (650) 549-5273


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If you love to travel, Square Dancers have FRIENDS just waiting for them to visit WORLDWIDE, and dance to calls ALWAYS given in ENGLISH
Japan ?              Germany ?

7944 Fake Ave, Door 56 Wonderland, NYC 12347
+92452 241564 +92452 458564
Square Dance Lessons