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Square Dance Caller -- Jim Osborne

Modern Square Dancing

Jim Osborne

Marin County Mtn. Play (Oklahoma) Square Dance Demo

Are you planning a PRIVATE PARTY, FUNDRAISER, or CORPORATE EVENT and looking for the right entertainment? Modern Square Dancing is an outstanding way to engage everyone in an activity they will never forget!

For over 40 years I have called Square Dances for Private Parties, Barn Dances, Fundraisers, & Corporate Team Building. I also call for Clubs, Hoedowns, & Festivals for Experienced Square Dancers.

Modern Square Dancing is the perfect activity for churches, adult birthday parties, social functions, Junior  or High School Dances, or Corporate Team Building Events. Modern Square Dancing is appropriate for groups as small as about 20 people or for hundreds. Participants are instructed in the basics of Square Dancing, and during breaks, Traditional and Modern Country Western Music can be played for listening or general dancing.

All necessary sound equipment and music is provided, YOU provide a dance area and electrical power. If your guests are not careful they will be having FUN and Square Dancing in no time!

Soooo...  Get up off the couch, it is time for FUN, its time to Square Dance.

Hope 2 C Ya Soon

Phones:   (650) 549-5273  =  (650) 549-Learn2SquareDance             E-Mail Jim